7 ways You can help Save the Bees

7 ways You can help Save the Bees l britneytermale.com

Have you heard? The Bee’s are disappearing! As a little girl I may have been afraid of their sting, but now as a woman I realize how important these little farmers are. From Bananas to Broccoli, dozens of crops are partially or totally dependent on honeybee pollination. Sadly, the bees have been disappearing since the 90’s but the big scare came in spring of 2013, when data revealed the average beekeeper had lost 45% of their colonies the previous winter. Gasp! Reportedly, in the six years leading up to 2013 more than 10 million beehives have been wiped out from a unknown disease. A mysterious phenomenon known as colony collapse disorder (CCD) was born. So how can you help these fluffy little guys and make sure our produce sticks around? Here are 7 easy ways to help.

1) Plant wildflowers & herbs that the bees love! Whether you have a tiny bit of space or a large yard there is something you can grow to help bees no matter where you live.

2) Buy Local honey. Supporting your local beekeepers is key and the health benefits are amazing!

3) Say Goodbye to Pesticides – The chemicals & pesticides we spray on our yards, herbs, & flowers are not safe for bees. Plus, they can fall into the pollen & nectar and be taken back to the bee hive where they also get into the honey—which in turn means they can get into us.

4) Eat Organic – When buying organic produce you are sending a message to the farmer. Less chemicals & pesticides on our food is not only good for us, it’s great for bees too!

5) Donate – Something that only takes a second of your time and can make a lifelong impact. “The Pollinator Partnership is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization and the largest in the world dedicated exclusively to the protection and promotion of pollinators and their ecosystems.” Check them out at pollinator.org

6) Get Social – Send out a Tweet without any “B’s” and Burt’s Bees will plant 1,000 wildflowers in your honor. Just don’t forget to use the hashtag #bringbackthebees! Don’t have a twitter? No problem. Just pick up one of their limited edition lip balms next time you’re at the store and they’ll plant 1,000 more! For more info click here!

7) Tell a Friend – We never forget to tell a friend what happened on last night’s episode or what they missed while out-of-town. Let’s not forget to tell them about this! I’m sure they love strawberries and maybe honey too!

Albert Einstein once said “If the bee disappeared off the face of the Earth, man would only have four years left to live.” Gasp, again!

Let’s make a difference!

xo, Britney

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