5 Friday Faves

You're so much better than ice cream & donuts

Hello, Friday! With another successful week behind us, it’s time to relax and enjoy the weekend! This weekend it’s all about our Mamas. They sacrifice so much for us & love us more then anyone can. Our Moms definitely deserve a day that’s all about them! Whether it’s a Sunday brunch, family dinner, or movie date, I hope you find some time to just hang out with mom. I think that’s what they like most, our time. Keep scrolling for a few more things I think Mom might like!

1) Favorite Lipstick ~ I just picked up this NYX Extra Creamy Round Lipstick in Thalia. It’s a gorgeous mauve and at only $4 it’s a steal! From NYX

NYX Extra Creamy Round Lipstick in Thalia

2) Favorite Words ~ There are very few things I love more than ice cream & donuts but my Mom definitely tops them all! Beautiful calligraphy via Melissa Esplin

You're so much better than ice cream & donuts

3) Favorite Kitchen Design ~ I have fallen in love with white kitchens! This gorgeous kitchen is from Inspire Me Home Decor

Glamorous White Kitchen

4) Favorite Gift for Mom ~ What Mom can’t relate to this graphic tee? Model is Samantha Conner & you can purchase it here!

Mommin' is my Cardio

5) Favorite Laugh ~ What can I say? We love our Moms!

What are your plans to spoil mom this Mother’s Day?

Here’s to a beautiful weekend full of quality time with Mom!

xo, Britney

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